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Our mission in carpet cleaning is to provide the highest quality workmanship at the best value for carpet cleaning services. We don’t want to just get your carpet cleaned, we want to protect your investment. Carpet isn’t cheap, so, by keeping up on a regular maintenance cleaning schedule your carpet cleaning, you can easily double its life.

Your carpet is the biggest filter in your house. People are walking on it, things are getting dropped on it, babies crawling on it and eating off it, dust and dirt settling on it everyday. We agree with major carpet manufacturers who recommend a carpet cleaning every 6 months. Our carpet cleaning services ensure this.


Steam cleaning (with the proper temperature) and treating your carpet properly will kill dust mites, scabies, and other types of mites and allergens.

Our carpet cleaning equipment is state-of-the-art, so water is hot, fast and continuously filtered to deliver the fastest possible results in the shortest time. That means you’ll get the best carpet cleaning available.

Note: your local Rug Doctor can’t even achieve half the required temperature because you’re just using hot tap water.

Carpet cleaning at home used to be much cheaper than it is now. Professional carpet cleaning is the same or cheaper than doing it yourself so you need to call a professional carpet cleaning services like Barnett’s.

Our goal at Barnett’s Carpet Cleaning is to remove anything and everything foreign–and remove stains clear down to the original construction of the carpet. Cleaning in this way guarantees the cleanest carpets.

How often should you do a carpet cleaning?

Wear and tear is natural (unless you never walk on your carpet!). But if you start to see soil/dirt accumulating on your carpet (um, it looks dirty), its overdue for a cleaning. Built-up soil and dirt can abrase (scratch) the carpet fiber or filament and discolor it. (And yes, it goes downhill from there just as you could guess).

But the soil, the stains, and everything else nasty can be removed using the proper solutions and techniques. Not every textile is alike, so different formula’s are needed depending on which type you own. But through years of experience we know what works. And, because we know exactly what type of carpet/upholstery we are going to be cleaning, we treat it accordingly with the proper and best solutions and techniques.

That is why we are so good at what we do.


And by the way, everything we use is biodegradable, non toxic, and hypo-allergenic.

EVERYTHING we use for our carpet cleaning services is also pet- and kid-safe. You see, we have kids too, so we know quite well why that’s so important to you as a parent.

So, if it’s safe for them, it’s a good bet it’ll be safe for you, at any age.

How we clean your carpet

Barnett’s Carpet Cleaning services has a 3-step method to ensure your getting the best service possible.

  1. We pre-vacuum (removing all dry soils)
  2. We pre-treat all high traffic areas within the home (Including odor areas and stains that need special attention)
  3. We use our truck-mounted deep-cleaning carpet cleaner system with our special formulas and techniques

With our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment your carpets will be fresh, clean, residue-free, and deodorized.

How to Prepare for your Appointment

If we will be moving furniture while cleaning your carpets, please remove all breakables and small items from the areas to be cleaned prior to the appointment time. This includes plants, candles, lamps, clocks and photos.

If you have pets, you should be aware that at least one door will be ajar while we are working (our hoses from our truck). If you are concerned that your pets may get out, you may want to close them in a room and let us know if you want us to let your pets out before we leave.

We will need to park our mobile cleaning unit as close to the door as possible. Kindly move any vehicles if you will need them while we are there blocking you in and leave us a space. It is difficult to move our van once we start cleaning.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please try to give us as much notice as possible so another job can be scheduled in that time slot. Many thanks for your courtesy!

Remember, there are many carpet cleaning services, but Barnett’s Carpet Cleaning will make your carpets look like new and feel like the day you first bought them.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us NOW.